Christmas In Kent


How I Do Mini Trees

Credit goes to Gremler (Bill) for the great idea! I waited and watched
Planet Christmas for a great idea and Bill came along and inspired me.

I use two 42" tomato cages per Mini Tree.

Next, cut the bottom three rings about 2" to the right of each vertical. I use small bolt cutters.

Cut each cage the same way, about 2" to the right of each vertical.

Next put one cage over the other. Space the verticals so they have six even spaces.
Use a 4" tie wrap at each of six coordinates.

I use a board with a 14" diameter circle and marks at 1/6 coordinates.

I use two 4" ties at each joint.

Once the bottom is tied and spaced the next two rings can be tied based on that spacing.

Tie wrap the top six wires together.

Now just brush on a little "Liquid Electrical Tape".

Now I added the lights. Three 100 mini strings. I started at the bottom with
the power plug. First wrap I kept about half the distance between the bottom
and the first ring. The next string I went about a third of the distance between the
first rows of the first string. The last string filled in the second third. The top was
just wrapped with best spacing. I used allot of tie wraps. I'm getting a tie
wrap tightener because my fingers are raw from all those tie wraps. After
using the tie wrap tightener I found a small spring loaded wire cutter worked
better and saved my fingers.

The plugs are plugged into each other so each string is independent of the others.
I did not plug end to end.

Lights on next

Only 49 more to go!